September 15, 2014

Sustainability in a Plastic World

Plastics are among the most widely manufactured materials on the planet. Perhaps this is because a huge percentage of the objects that people use to support their lifestyle are made out of plastic, from the plates they eat on to the clothes they wear. It’s as if the world will stop turning if plastic production stops.

September 1, 2014

Cool Design Tips for Personalized Shopping Bags

Packaging is extremely important as it gives people a visual reminder of what a brand or company stands for. To leave a lasting impression on customers, as well as to generate awareness for a good cause, shopping bags should be memorable, unique, and visually striking.
Such a design goal can be accomplished in various ways. The color choice, for instance, needs to be carefully considered because it already sends a message about the brand’s identity. Warm colors like red and yellow convey friendly vibes and are suitable for reaching out to a wide demographic. Meanwhile, cool colors like black and dark blue appear rather sophisticated and appeal to a more reserved or upscale audience.